Why Choose Stratus Search?

Selecting a recruiting firm can be a laborious activity.  You have many choices from start up firms all the way to experienced firms with 30+ years of excellent results.  How do you figure out what search firm to partner with?  

The key to securing the top talent in the technology space is SPEED.  We emphasize speed as a key tenet of our organization.  We DO NOT sacrifice quality, we simply work harder then other search firms which allows us to find the best people faster. Great candidates are won or lost based on how fast you can bring them on board. 

Our Commitment to Our Partners:

  • We conduct our search with the utmost respect for your organization
  • You will work with the same recruiter throughout the entirety of the process. We do not pass any searches off to inexperienced recruiters.
  • We will fill even the most difficult roles as fast as possible.  
  • We update you on our search process, keeping you informed of any search details that your company will want to be aware of.
  • We connect with candidates primarily through mutual relationships or direct contact. 
  • We do not stop searching until we find the right candidate as we believe that every position can be filled with the right person.
  • We believe that placing the wrong person in a position is doing a complete disservice to our client and the candidates we represent.  Therefore, we will NEVER place someone in a position that they are not suited for.  
  • We will provide you with at least 1 quality candidate that meets your requirements in 7 days.
I have known Zach for almost 2 years now and he is a motivated and experienced recruiting expert. It is always great working together with him. He gives fast responses and never gives up even the search is difficult and time-consuming. I would recommend Zachary Burns to other firms - Director of Human Resources