The Stratus Search Process

The most important part of selecting a recruiting firm ultimately comes down to their search process. Our search process is custom tailored to fit your specific hiring needs. We understand that different companies have different hiring processes and we consult with our partners to figure out the best way in which we can complement one another. We take as much time and work off your shoulders so you can focus on other important areas in your company that need your attention. We focus on speed and can find candidates within a few days. Our Search Process is a team effort and is conducted as follows:

  1. Gather Employer Requirements
  2. Conduct extensive research immediately after Employer is in agreement with the search
  3. Conduct interviews with prospective candidates
  4. Submit at least 1 quality candidate within 7 days with accompanying candidate profile form 
  5. Reference checks
  6. Offer negotiation
  7. Celebrate your new hire  

    What our process means to you

    • Speed- candidates in as little as seven days.  
    • Accuracy- we screen all candidates and only send you the best fit.
    • Quality - candidates motivated by growth and opportunity. We find people who are excelling in their current position, but are open to professional growth opportunities.
    • Service - you will work with the same recruiter from beginning to end who will provide you a customized search. 
    • We save you time and money! Don't waste your time screening the hundreds of unqualified applicants you'll get through a job board. 

    Hire your next industry expert: