How to Hire Millennials

Recently we wrote an open letter response to all of the negative articles out there hating on millennials. You can find the article by clicking the link here. Now that you understand this generation a little better I will explain some ways to hire experienced millennials. A lot of articles say we don't care about pay but I assure you that's still a factor, it's just skilled workers are usually offered a similar salary range in most positions so pay becomes more of a commodity rather than the main concern. 

  1. Look outside of LinkedIn. Some young professionals are on the network, but just as many do not regularly sign in to check for connections or messages. You will have to use other means to find young technical people. Instagram and Facebook advertising and organic reach can do wonders for finding younger talent, however don't trust your social media presence to just anyone that looks young and can use a computer. You still need someone skilled at marketing and talent acquisition to properly reach your target audience. Recruiters such as Stratus Search can help in this arena because we have a large online presence and following and can reach potential candidates that old-fashioned recruiters are using a rolodex cannot. 
  2. Offer teleworking. If the job or any aspects of the job can be done from home then let your employees do so. Most jobs are done online especially in the IT world and can be done from anywhere, so if companies are wanting employees in the office for no practical reason it's usually because they don't trust their people to do work at home. Employees understand this reasoning and everyone wants respect and trust in their workplace. If you don't trust your employees to work unsupervised maybe you need to reconsider why that is. 
  3. Get rid of the 9 to 5 schedule. This applies to everyone, but younger people especially find the 40-hour (or more) work week is a waste of time. Most of use waste tons of time getting coffee, chatting, and checking our newsfeed because the workday is so long. Let employees work core hours, or work out some arrangement where if the work is done so are they. Nothing is worse than managers who yell at you for leaving 10 minutes early when you worked on a project at home until midnight the night before. If the work is done and the position allows flexible hours then this will definitely attract talent. Some people are just not morning people and want to work at 10, others are early risers and want to leave by 2 to pick up their kids - let them. Freedom will keep more talented employees than any pay raise. Furthermore, European cultures work way less than Americans and are just as productive. Benefits such as this can mean the difference between keeping and lose talented workers with offers at your competitors. 
  4. Stop the power play. The demeaning interview questions have got to go. Some industries such as cybersecurity are short on talent and employers need to realize they are not the ones holding the power. We work mainly with passive candidates who may already have a comfortable job. If these passive candidates interview at a company that is rude or otherwise provides an unpleasant interview experience they will not work there no matter how great the offer may be. This comes down to basic manners and respect for anyone interviewing with your company. Making candidates jump through hoops is not a good thing. I always hear 'well if he/she can't figure out the 100 step interview questionnaire we don't want that person anyway'. Yes, yes you do. The candidates will see silly inconveniences as a company who is not efficient and somewhere they don't want to be. Your overall attitude should be one of a mutual value for you and the candidate, after all you are getting their time, knowledge, and dedication for your money. See our article How to Scare Away Good Candidates for more information on this topic. 

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