How to Keep Up Hiring in Your Growing Company

Technology and Cybersecurity Industries are growing at a rapid pace but there is a limited market of candidates on the market. I’ve seen expected shortfalls of 1-2 million open cyber security jobs in the next few years depending on the source. If you are growing faster than your ability to fill your job openings, here are 5 strategies to consider when in a rapid growth phase:

1.      Streamline your hiring process. Don’t interview people you don’t think are qualified for the position to meet a quota. You should only meet with the best fitting candidates and should not need to meet with them 10 times to figure out if they are good. Focus on the value your company can bring to their personal and professional development and the value that person can bring to your organization. This problem stems from HR people who do not know exactly what the job requires. You need to get a technical recruiting expert or train the hiring decision maker. 

2.      Use your network. Use social media and all the marketing tools available to your company. The more people that are aware of the opportunity, the more likely the right person will find it.

3.      Reward your employees with a referral system. Encourage your employees to give referrals. Offer bonuses or other perks to employees for helping with the process. This person can also act as a pre-interview reference for the candidate. Working with friends is great for your current employees’ morale as well – who doesn’t want to work with people they like?

4.      Hire contractors in the interim to fill an immediate need. For technical positions or projects, this is ideal. For sales positions, consider hiring inside sales professionals to qualify leads and generate interest in your product. Good contractors can also act as a trial employee that you can hire if you like their work. If you don’t like the person, you don’t have to deal with the fallout of firing a regular employee.

5.      Use a recruiter with expertise in your industry. This is especially important when hiring outside of your comfort zone. If you are a medical company for example, and you need to hire a cyber-security expert full time to manage information systems you likely don’t have an HR manager who knows how to hire for that position. Every company needs cyber security in this age and we can help companies fill the gap with our network of professionals and deep understanding of the qualities you will need in a job candidate. You will save money in the long-term with better-fitting candidates who will want to work at your company for the right reasons. Always go for a niche recruiter when possible – they will be much more likely to get you an exact fit.

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