Call Back That Annoying Recruiter

Do you apply for every job posting on Monster or Career Building hoping for a return call? What's your strategy for your next career move?  Whether you are shy or just don't know how to really go after a job change we can help you.  If you call a company and try to sell yourself you may come across a little stalker-ish. If a recruiter calls on your behalf it is much more credible and will get your name out there.  Depending on what openings the recruiter is trying to fill, it may be awhile until he or she has something that fits your area of expertise.  

  • Do not give up if a recruiter doesn't immediately have a job for you.  If you are polite but remain in contact with your recruiter, once something comes across their desk that fits your qualifications you will be the person they think of.  Many times I've talked to a great candidate but just didn't have a spot for them at the time, but a few months later I did and I immediately thought back to that person and how personable they were on the phone, or whatever happened to impress me.
  • Go ahead, work with more than one recruiter but you should also beware of who you are giving your information to.  Many will share your information without your consent!  We will NEVER share your personal information such as your name, current employer, etc. unless we have your permission. 
  • Always be polite. I get it, sometimes you are at work and don't want to talk to a recruiter, but you should never be rude.  You never know who knows who these days and word can get around.  Business is global, but your industry can be more like a small town when it comes to gossip.  You never know when that person may be the key to your next career move. If you don't want to talk or can't just simply say no thanks. 
  • Figure out the real reason you don't want to talk to a recruiter. Are you worried you may not be as happy at your job as you think?  Often the most resistant customer is the one who is most likely to be sold. What's the harm in hearing them out to find out if there is a great opportunity in their pocket?  Successful people are always looking for great investment opportunities, and that's exactly how you should view a career move - an investment in your future. If you're busy tell them you have 2 minutes to hear them out.  At Stratus Search we have new opportunities on a daily basis and regularly change the future of our candidates and also the companies we work with.

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