How to Scare Away Good Job Candidates

Times are changing and your interview process should be too.  There's a reason we all hate interviewing.  The wrong attitude can make or break whether your company can hire top talent. Skip the old questions your HR handbook tells you to use and follow this advice instead. Here are all of the ways your company is scaring away good talent. 

  • Have an extensive interview process.  If it takes you more than three interviews to decide on a candidate they will question your decision making capability.  They are likely taking time off from their current job and possibly travelling to each interview, so you are creating an undue hardship and they'll see it as a wasting their time.  If your interview process is longer than three meetings, consider where you can cut the process shorter.  If the real decision maker is the department manager then you may be able to relieve HR of interview duties, especially since we will do all the screening and qualifying for you.
  • Take too long to make the offer. If you interview a candidate and even go as far as telling good candidates they were great, then wait several weeks to make an offer they will realize you choked.  They'll think you really aren't that interested in them or you were looking for someone better.  If a great candidate comes along hire them, don't assume you can find someone better.  If you think there is someone better, be up front and let the candidate know.
  • Assume you have all the power. Technical people and well-qualified candidates may have several good offers or will be a passive candidate with a job they are willing to stay in.  Skilled people do not like being asked demeaning questions in an interview (no one does). Questions which we all hate being asked are:
    • What is your biggest weakness?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • Why should I hire you?

These questions have become standard but can make a great candidate leave with a bad impression.  Instead of asking these questions which really don't give you valuable information, ask about their technical experience and projects they've worked on.  Everyone has been told to say their biggest weakness is being a perfectionist anyway.  If you don't know why you might want to hire them, then you shouldn't be interviewing them.  We can help you come up with great interview questions to really get to know your candidate when you work with us on your search. We can even attend the interview depending on your needs. If you need assistance finding or interviewing top talent call us now at 727-308-7887 or email

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