Change industries without starting over

Jobs are evolving so quickly today your job may not exist in a few years. There's a lot of talk politically about bringing certain jobs back to the U.S. but I wouldn't hedge your bets on that happening.  The fact is, technology is the force evolving our job market.  A.I. is eliminating jobs and creating new ones at a staggering pace, so you should be prepared to keep up your skills and switch industries if necessary. Even if you are not a spring chicken you can change your career.  People are not retiring at all, or retiring very late.  Even if you are fifty years old you have seventeen years until you can get social security. You may be working twenty or more years yet.  That's a long time to spend in an industry that you don't like, or a dwindling industry. It can be overwhelming to change careers so here are a few pointers:

  1. Think about how your skills can be used.  If you are in sales, you can transfer to another industry pretty easily.  You may need to learn a new product, but generally you have a wide variety of options open to you. If you are in finance or accounting you can move into a strategic budgeting position or a financial advisor role. If you are a software engineer you could move into software sales. Write down your skills and figure out how those skills apply to the industry you want to be in.
  2. Always be learning. Keep up with the latest technology through online tutorials, books, articles, etc. There are so many learning tools available today, at a low or no cost most of the time, there is no excuse.  You should always be developing yourself and your skills. Technology evolves fast and you should try to keep up with the skills employers are in need of. Right now that might be natural language processing.
  3. Use your connections. Send a message to your old college friends that work in the area you'd like to be in.  Ask them if their companies have any openings and see what they like about that industry. If you don't have many connections, or at least not in your desired area, go to a meetup group. has networking events for almost anything you can dream up, or you can create your own group. 
  4. Pick up the phone. Call up the hiring manager where you want to work.  This will help you stand out.  If possible set up an in-person meeting with this person.  At the very least you will be able to ask what their industry is like. 

If you'd like to change careers or change industries completely, start with talking to Zach by emailing or call 727-308-7887.