How to convince your partner you should relocate

Maybe you started the interview process on a whim, thinking nothing would come of it. Next thing you know you're being offered a job in Tulsa. What do you do?  What if this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you? Even with candidates who are very serious about making a change, most still hesitate when it comes to relocating for a job offer. This is understandable since you probably have friends, family, maybe a church or other community you belong to and leaving makes you feel uncomfortable. The thing is, you should make yourself uncomfortable if you really want to succeed. You should always be expanding your networks and meeting new clients or colleagues. I recently moved about 1000 miles to the other side of the country and can understand the difficulty of making a huge change. The biggest objection I hear is "my wife/husband doesn't want to move".  Here are some ways you can help persuade him/her:

  1. Visit the potential new city. Be a tourist and show your spouse all the great things you could do if you lived there.  Put some effort into planning the trip so you can really impress him/her. Think about what your partner enjoys and focus on those things.  If they really like going to new restaurants then find the best in the area to give them a taste of what could be.
  2. Help you S.O. find their own career move. If you are working with a recruiter maybe he/she can find your spouse a job as well.  This could be motivating for the recruiter if it's the only way you can move.
  3. Try working remotely. These days it's easier to work remotely so check if that's a possibility for either you in the new role or for your spouse to relocate. 
  4. Break up with them! Just kidding... sort of. If the relationship is new, think carefully before putting your career on hold.  Really consider why your partner doesn't want you to move and think about their motivations. If you have only been dating your boyfriend a few months picture yourself staying put and passing up this opportunity and then the relationship doesn't work out. 
  5. Use the power of persuasion. Think of all the ways a move would benefit your partner and let them know. You can even make a deal that if they just try it out for six months you can move back if it doesn't work out. 

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