Contract Staffing Services

A permanent hire is not always what your company needs. A leased employee through our contract staffing program is a great solution for short term projects.

  • Avoid the hassle of firing or laying off employees when a project is over or the demand for work fluctuates. No disgruntled ex-employees who have a grudge against your company when they get laid off after a project is over.
  • Keep unemployment insurance rates from rising. Unemployment and worker's compensation are covered by the leasing company, not you.
  • You have the option to convert the contractor to a direct hire if you desire. Contracting fees are credited toward a direct hire placement, giving you a discount.
  • Leased employees fill a gap when you have a need for technical position to be filled immediately. Clients won't wait and you don't want to lose a contract because you spent months searching for and interviewing employees. We have cyber security professionals at our fingertips and can usually provide a contractor to start on your project within a week.